Monday, August 27, 2007

Timing is Everything!


My Dr. never called me back to discuss what effect the lack of Estradiol (E2) would have on an early pregnancy. Therefore, we decided that it would be best not to trigger ovulation. I did internet research on my own seeing as how I cannot depend on my medical team to get back to me. *rolls eyes*

I found that E2 is responsible for giving the "go ahead" to other hormones. It cues FSH and LH. FSH or follicle stimulating hormone is what makes follicles/eggs grow and mature. LH or Luetenizing Hormone is what forces ovulation. So, with my E2 levels being dramatically low one would think that my follicles wouldn't be growing/maturing and that I would just not ovulate this cycle. Something just didn't add up to me. I clearly saw that my follicles were in fact growing. Now, maturing is another issue all together. I can't see that. But growing they were. E2 is also responsible for the production of CM or Cervical Mucus which allows sperm to travel with ease. This I also have.

Hoping for the best and preparing for the worst, with this information under my belt, I continued to test with my Ovulation Predictor Kits (OPKs). To my surprise upon testing just last night I got my very fist positive that has occurred naturally, without the hCG Trigger Shot. I again called my Dr's office this morning to inform them and to ask of my chance of miscarriage if becoming pregnant and if it would be wise to proceed with the IUI. I spoke to the nurse, of whom I really wish was my Dr because at least she calls me back! She asked me to take another test this morning. I did. It was negative. She said "Well, it seems you caught the end of your LH Surge" (as I had already assumed). She continued, "I'll put another call into your Dr. to have her call you but I don't think we'll move forward with the IUI because we do those the day after a natural LH Surge. We can't do it on such short notice. Aren't you late into your cycle anyway?" I told her that I was only on Cycle Day 18 (the first IUI was on CD18). She told me that she hoped my Dr would return my call this time. Fat chance of that, I thought. I do really need her to call me back though because we are going to try this the "old way" for a change but I still need Progesterone for my Luetal Phase Defect. I'll need to start it in a few days and don't have any refills.

With all of this, I have to ask myself if they've always been wrong? I mean, they've always done my tests on CD11-12 and then told me to trigger myself that same night. What if they've always told me to take the shot too early and all my eggs thus far weren't ready to ovulate. That and the fact that they've just accepted that I have a Lueteal Phase Defect...or at least accepted it to appease me. They can't argue with facts though. All of this would inevitably lead to several early miscarriages. I'm almost certain I've been pregnant before and simply lost all babies due to faulty timing.

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