Thursday, August 30, 2007

May I Scream Now?


Our third consult was today. Though it wasn't very uplifting. I never knew just how scared I would be of three little letters...IVF. She went over our "options." Basically there are two options she would like us to do.

Option #1: She seems to think that they need total control of my cycles to make things happen as they normally should. This being done by giving myself injectibles of a medication called Lupron everyday of for the first two weeks of my cycle and when all the hormone levels line up where they need to be, they will force my body to ovulate and then do IUI. She informed me that the pregnancy rate for this is 15-25%, which sounds good. However, those numbers aren't "take home baby" numbers. Those are strictly how many people got pregnant in doing 3-4 cycles of this process. Some, inevitably, ended in miscarriage. This procedure will cost us around $2,500 a pop. Another downside is that if I produce more than three eggs in a cycle, she will not do the IUI for fear of multiples, which means that $2,500 is wasted for nothing. So, if we had to do the four cycles she wants us to do then that would add up to over $10,000!

Option #2: Dreaded In Vetro Fertilization, otherwise known as IVF. Just hearing it come from her mouth made me want to belt out an ear-shattering scream! Never, in a million years did I see our situation coming to this. For those of you not informed of this drawn out procedure, now's the time to learn. I would again have to inject myself with the Lupron medication as well as Follicle Stimulating Hormone and Lutenizing Hormone until all hormone levels indicated my eggs are mature. Then I would go in for a procedure where they insert a rather LARGE needle to draw out all the eggs produced. Luckily, I would be asleep for this. Chris gets off easy (pun intended). After doing his duty, my eggs and his sperm are placed in a petri dish to be fertilized. Three to five days later, 1-2 embryos are inserted into my unterus. Then they either implant to grow or die and I miscarry. Any extra fertilized eggs are frozen for later use. Isn't that nice...frozen baby pops!?!? The upside to this procedure is that the statistical pregnancy/take home baby rate is 50-60% for those under 35 years old. The downside, you ask? Just ONE of these procedures is around $13,000! Not exactly pocket change, eh?

We, unfortunately, cannot do either of those two options. It would be a different ballgame if the insurance we are paying out the ass for would lend a hand, but oh no!! So, I brought up a 3rd Option...really, the only option:

Option #3: Chris and I try on our own with the aid of medications, Clomid or Femara to make me ovulate and Progesterone for after Ovulation. We'll just do things the old fashioned way...I have to admit, that way is much preferable anyhow. She said she would be okay with that but she really doesn't want me on Clomid too much longer because she thinks it's starting to reduce my uterine lining month to month. There's not much evidence of that, but whatever.

Chris and I will have to discuss these options but by process of elimination, I can see that #3 is going to be the best for now. I think it would be awesome to be able to get pregnant as similar as a normal couple...not to mention, much more pleasurable!


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