Friday, November 30, 2007

Long Time No Type


It's been nearly two months since my last post. And no, I'm not pregnant...yet! I've just been really busy. With Thanksgiving and Christmas preparations life has been hectic. We did our annual Thanksgiving week in Pigeon Forge, TN last week. It was wonderful until I fell ill! I haven't been sick in nearly two years and when does it decide to strike?? On my vacation! Grrrr! I was diagnosed a few days ago with Acute Bronchitis and Astmha. I'm being treated for both. Apparently I was misdiagnosed as a teenager with only sports related astmha. And this whole time I thought my shortness of breath from time to time was just from being out of shape! HA!

Now, on top of fertiliy drugs, I'm on two inhalers, super strenth cough medicine, and augmentin. I ovulated last week, the day after Turkey Day! I was so sick but put on the happy face for all the baby dancing ahead. Got 'er Done! I have no clue though how my body could have possibly produced any good eggs for this cycle?? I was just so miserable, but Chris was so attentive and loving. He took care of me the whole trip! I feel so bad that I ruined both our vacations. Luckily, we're going back to the mountains again for a few days the week before Christmas though so hopefully I can make up for it then.

This cycle I was on my third round of Femara (similar to Clomid) and my fifth round of Progesterone. We've added a new item into the mix for the past two months...Instead Cups. Their use is intended for AF but others have discovered that they come in handy for baby making by "cupping" the swimmers up close to the cervix to prevent "leakage." They are quite cheap at Wal-Mart, disposable, and easy to use. Many of my 'vet ttc sisters' have been incredibly fortunate enough to become pregnant using them after only a few short months trying it and this is preceeding up to years of trying to concieve beforehand. There has to be something said for that! Here's hoping they work for us too!