Thursday, May 3, 2007



I finally had my HSG today. The procedure was rather intense, with much pain! On the positive side, I have a "beautiful" uterus and clear tubes. Furthermore, I finally got to see and and speak with my actual RE again! That was a miracle in itself. However, I still have no least none that are plausable to me. She seems to think that I don't have PCOS. She thinks that me having 11 follicles in my right ovary is perfectly normal for my age. Therefore, she's not testing me any further for least not until I decide I'm going to bitch. For now, we'll play her game and I do pray that she is right and I'm wrong. If that's the case, I'll get "results" much quicker if I don't have PCOS.

I asked the ultimate question though: "Well, Doc...if everything is 'fine,' why can't I get pregnant?" She then replied back with the answer I feared, "You have what the majority of 'infertile' women have...'unexplained infertility'." There you have it! All these months of waiting, testing, trying, crying...what is my big answer?!?! "Unexplained Infertility!" You have to be kidding...all of this and you can't really give me an answer? Well, that's what I was thinking anyway. Am I glad that it's not anything huge, like no sperm or completely blocked tubes? Yes I am. Although, at least those people know their outcome and their treatment. We, on the other hand, are no further along now than we were this time last year! On paper, we should be able to be pregnant but we're not. This in itself points to a serious problem but it just can't be explained! The frustration doesn't seem to end! At least when I thought PCOS was the ailment, I had a plan in mind and things would start happening with treatment! Now, we basically have to start shooting in the dark.

My RE is leaving town for two weeks but when she gets back we have to have another consult to discuss what our options are and what the next step is. From what I understand of this last visit, I think she wants to proceed with Clomid and IUI. The catch there? I have to start another period before they can move on with that. This leads me to believe I might be waiting a while because my cylces aren't exactly cooperating here lately. They'll probably have to put me back on progesterone again. Uhhhgggg!

Moral of the day: "Wanna hear God laugh? Tell him your plans!"

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Anonymous said...

I had the same problem as you with unexplained fertility. Although after they cleaned out my tubes I did concieve. Even though they weren't blocked. I use to take wheatgerm everyday and vitamin E. I used Clomid though. I tried for a long time and finally got pregnant with my daughter and two years later my son. It will happen. One thing to keep in mind is when you have a mucusy discharge that is clear and slippery like egg white that is when you are most fertile.
Good luck and keep trying.