Friday, August 1, 2008

Back from Sebbatical


It's been quite a while since my last entry. I guess I needed a break from my computer world altogether. I broke away from the Forums also. I'll go ahead and relieve your, I'm not Pregnant. It's actually been a year ago to this month since I was pregnant my one and only time (that I know of). We've not been actively trying to concieve now for about four months. Much has happened since I last wrote and here are the events in chronilogical order.

1. We decided to adopt a domestic infant.
2. Chris got his tattoo that I designed.
3. My little sister graduated High School.
4. We decided NOT to adopt right now.
5. Chris turned 26 years old.
6. I bought Chris a '96 Harley Davidson Springer Softail.
7. My best friend, Nina, gave birth to her son, Gavin Lee.
8. Another one of my bridesmaids became pregnant.
9. We are going to Myrtle Beach, SC in one week to meet Kim and David.

After all the stress we've been through and the longing for a child continuing to grow everyday...we brought up the topic of adoption. We both agreed (after long, weeks of discussion) that it would be a good idea to start that process as a means of making our family. We did all the research and told our parents (who told everyone else). I found a legal agency in CA called Adoption Network Law Center which we liked the best. I filled out the paperwork and we went through the phone interview to be approved to begin the process. We were approved and I had solid hope and confirmation that in the end of the this process, we'd be a family. The next feat would be to come up with the funds of $28,000. Chris's mom and dad offered to help us once they got their settlement from the house fire and they would get us started with the initiation fee of $11,000 and we would come up with the rest bit by bit.

Chris got his tattoo in the hopes he'd soon be able to add our child's name to it. It's really cool to see my artwork permanently on someone. The Tattoo artist is a guy named Mike who works at Exotic Ink in Conyers, GA. Awesome work at a great price! Chris will be going back soon to get a few more tats from Mike...and I might get one too!

My little sister, who is now 19, graduated high school. That is a funny thing seeing as how it seems just yesterday I was graduating school and she was only 12. Time flies whether you're having fun or not. In any event, I'm proud of her no matter how much I hated that damn private school she went to. She'll be (hopefully) starting college in the Fall at GA Military College or GMC.

Chris's mom and dad backed out of helping us with the finances for the adoption because they didn't get as much money as they hoped and his mom had never had a new car before so his dad bought her a Hummer H2 instead. So, there we were with no help (which I didn't expect in the first place), hints from his family (to him) that we really ought to consider switching Dr's, and then Chris caved. The $28,000 was getting to him and he didn't want to put us that far in debt when we've already spent so much on infertilty treatment. His family's comments were also getting to him and he took it to mean that they really didn't want us to adopt and wanted us (me) to continue medical treatment with a Dr of their choosing. He also kept saying that if someone could just tell him that it would NEVER happen for us biologically then he would be willing to go the adoption route. I told him to let me know when God appeared to him and gave that clear answer.
Needless to say, he didn't want to adopt and I didn't want to continue treatment. My body is tired, my soul is tired, and our marriage was suffering. I told him that I was done trying and he had to except that. I'd not (and have not) be preventing pregnancy but I wasn't gonig to be trying my best to obtain it. So, about four months ago, we stopped everything but sex. No Dr's, no meds, no charting, no temping, no TTC Forums, no blogging, etc. We began enjoying our lives again and healing physically and spiritually. Everyone of course still has their own opinions. They seem to know the right Dr or the right meds or the right prayer. Whatever. "I'm done" doesn't seem to register with them. Not my problem. The same things that hurt me before still hurt but I'm slowly healing and Chris is too. I don't cry everytime now when aunt flo arrives, and I don't shutter as much at pregnant women.

Chris turned 26 in June...officially closer to 30 than to 20 he says. I adopted a Harley for his birthday and it's now our baby. Chris has wanted a Harley since before we met. We'd always had this "deal" that if we didn't have kids by the time he was 30, that he could have a HD. I just assumed that we'd have kids with no problem. HAHA...fate...bastard! Anyway, two of his brothers have gotten Honda Shadows recently and his dad got a Honda Goldwing for his B-Day in May. They all left to go riding on his dad's birthday and I saw in Chris's eyes the feeling of being even more left behind. It killed me inside. He's already had to overcome so much after his wreck...we both have. It was one of the hardest decisions for me to make becuase on one hand, I knew that is what he wanted and it would lift his self esteem up so much to know I had that much faith in him. On the other hand, I've already lived (barely) through seeing him almost die from the wreck back in high school. He's already missing part of his skull and one good knock to the head...well...I was terrified of seeing him take off on a motorcycle. In the end I had to realize that I couldn't punish him for my insecurities. I bought the Harley off eBay and my Dad drove it to City Slickers (our special restaurant where our first date was). His birthday dinner was there and I sent him on a "treasure hunt" for the bike. When he first saw it, he thought it was a joke and that we'd rented it for a day! He lost his mind and I hadn't seen him smile like that since our wedding day/honeymoon! There were, of course, conditions to this bike. He had to practice on Steven's Honda for a while but had to get his learner's license before he could do that. He had to pass the four-day extensive Harley Davidson Safety Course and he'd have to have a lot of experience before he could get on the expressway or have me on the back with him. He agreed. It took three tries, but he finally passed the learner's exam but would have to wait two months to take the safety course as they had a waiting list. In the meantime, he practiced on his brother's Shadow and did quite well. He passed the Harley Course this week, at the top of his class I might add. He's officially licensed and rode his Harley for the first time yesterday. My dad and I followed behind on my dad's harley. Chris did great! His self esteem has gone up about 10 notches!!!

I faced my ultimate fear on June 6th (my dad's B-day of course) when my best friend, Nina, gave birth to her healthy baby boy, Gavin Lee. I went to the hospital the day of (a best friend's duty). She had to have a C-Section but was okay and so was Gavin. I would have been okay if her dad hadn't of opened his damn mouth while I was holding Gavin. He said, "Ya know, Nicole, you and Chris are just trying too hard." A familiar lump began to swell in my throat. Did he not realize this was the hardest thing I'd have to come to terms with...that Nina's pregnancy was the hardest of any for me to cope with? No, he didn't. I kept quiet and left shortly thereafter. I got through it and was proud of myself for being able to do so.

My Mom's Birthday was July 26th...she turned 50. Her best friend's, Diane's, birthday is the day after my mom's. They celebrated together by going on a gambling trip. Diane's daughter, Felicia, was one of my bridesmaids. Diane's birthday present from Felicia was that she is pregnant with the first grandchild. My birthday present to my mom was a card, flowers, and sugar-free candy. She gives her mom a legacy and I give mine paper. Hmmm. Anyway, Felicia never wanted Nina never wanted kids. As a matter of fact, Felicia had just gone to the Dr the week before to have her tubes tied and the Dr told her she was too young and she may change her mind so he put in an IUD but it didn't work because she apparently got knocked up the week after that appointment. So I started to think about it. I had five bridesmaids. Four of them never wanted kids. The fifth was my little sister and God willing, she won't have kids until she's married. One of my bridesmaids had a child but he wasn't intentional at the time as she never wanted kids. Nina never wanted kids and now has Gavin. Felicia never wanted kids and is now pregnant. Jenny is the only other one who didn't have kids and didn't want any. I haven't talked to her in two years. She probably has twins if you are following my logic here. I must have transported all my fertility to my bridesmaids??? What the hell?!?!

On the up side of things, Chris and I are going to Myrtle Beach, SC in a week to meet Kim and David. I met Kim on the APA Forum about two years ago and we've become great friends though we've never met in person. We talk via email, letters, postcards, and on the phone. I'm so excited that I can barely contain myself. This will be the first time in about three years that I'll get to meet someone going through what Chris and I have been going through. She lives in Maryland and will be in SC on vacation with David's family. We'll be spending about four days with them and also introducing them to the Dixie Stampede which is my favorite dinner show!! That will probably be the next thing I'll write about! I can't wait!!!!

This has been my update and hope I've not bored you to tears. I miss writing more than anything so I think I'll try and get back into it again.

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