Monday, December 10, 2007

How Many Licks Does it Take?


It's going to be another sorrowful Christmas for us. We've reached our two-year mark now in the Trying to Conceive department. My chart looked great this past cycle...perfect even. What happened? I was very sick though during the week of ovulation. Maybe that had something to do with it...and now Chris is getting sick. I really hate this...hate actually isn't a strong enough word for how I feel about infertility.

I reached a new pathetic low this past weekend, after finding that I was indeed not pregnant. We met up with Chris's parents to go Christmas shopping. They needed to venture into Toys R Us for the grandkids. I went in while Chris parked the car. Right in the door they had these very cute Dora and Diego ornaments...I always get our niece and nephews an ornament for Christmas. Then I ran across the cutest ornament ever with a little mouse sitting on a pacifier. The inscription on the paci read, "2007 Parents to be." This enormous lump took over my throat and it suddenly became very difficult to breathe. I turned the corner to escape but alas it seemed to be a trap! That corner lead me directly into the infant clothing section with some of the cutest Winnie the Pooh Christmas outfits. The lump grew larger. I turned another corner to evade the clothes and then I was smacked in the face with tons of gear for new parents...cribs, high chairs, diaper bags, etc. The walls began closing in on me as I spun in circles seeking a hole to hide in. No matter, as everywhere I turned there were happy families holding new babies and had toddlers jumping up and down in utter anticipation of Santa's upcoming appearance. Chris found me at that moment and immmediately asked what was wrong when I asked for the keys to the car. He could see the tears welling and really didn't have to ask the matter...he knew. The point was mute and he handed over the keys, paid for the ornaments, and met me in the car. I hadn't even made it out of the store before losing it.

We sat in the car for an hour crying and talking and crying some more! It kills me to see him cry and vis versa. We both feel the same way about our unfortunate position and are both more concerned about the other than for ourselves. I'm just so completely lost about what to do. We just don't have the money for IVF. Chris offered to sell his truck for the $10K it's worth...then I cried again. I don't want him having to sell his truck. We shouldn't have to sell anything. I seem to recall pregnancy being a normal thing...something that just happened when you wanted it...and sometimes even when you didn't want it too. It's Christmas time and we're supposed to be happy. We are happy but we are ever so sad at the same confusing is that! My mind continues to bring up the fact that I'm supposed to be five months along right now. I keep waiting for our second chance. Will it come?

We're stuck between a rock and a hard place. I've been on Femara and Progesterone together now for 3 cycles. I don't know if my Dr. will continue to prescribe this combo. It does work...I just need more time. However, she might press me to come in for another consult but I already know how that conversation works. She'll suggest IVF and I'll ask her to donate her $12K to do it. Conversation over. And she expects me to pay a $60 co-pay for that...or maybe even more now because I haven't seen her since our new insurance took effect and infertility is still not covered but now neither is testing as it's considered a "pre-existing" condition. Gotta love those insurance companies.

Life can be very cruel. I've failed to mention that my best friend of ten years is now 17 weeks pregnant. I love her and wish her the best but it's made me feel even lower than I did before. Her pregnancy has untentionally snubbed in my face the certainty of our predicament. She's never wanted kids as long as I've known her. She wasn't trying. She wasn't ready and fully admits that she's still not ready. So, then why did the universe get those lines crossed? How many licks does it take...the world may never know.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. I was in your boat just a few months ago. I had completely given up on the getting pregnant business. We were on our 3rd cycle of injectibles and IUI. I was over it. Only produced 1 follicle and felt defeated. Then lo and behold, I take a pregnancy test 14 days later, and it's faintly positive. I take it the next day and again, positive. My beta HCG was taken on 11/9 and YES I'm pregnant. I'm now 9 weeks pregnant. Still taking progesterone injections, but it's worth it. Doesn't even hurt anymore. So, hang in there. RELAX!!! and most of all have faith.
PCOS chic now preggo:)

Anonymous said...

My heart breaks for you reading your post. The holidays are really tough.

IVF is really expensive I think too, and I hope you can continue on the combo that is working for you.

I have a hard time understanding when people tell me to relax though, like that is some magical pill you can take. There is nothing relaxing about what you are going through. It is very stressful and painful. I'd like to give you a big virtual hug. You are doing everything you can.

Delfina said...

Good for people to know.